ABOUT the NPRRA Government Affairs Committee

Governmental Affairs Committee

of the

National Public Records Research Association


To provide a platform to monitor, track and comment on federal, state and county administrative and legislative actions that may have impact on the interests of individuals and businesses engaged in any of the following:

  • Public Record Research and Retrieval
  • Recordation of Documents in the Public Record
  • Corporate Entity Formation, Filings and/or Maintenance
  • Registered Agent Services


Primary Areas of Concern

  • Initiatives that may impact access to public records, including
      • Privacy concern issues
      • Cost and efficient right of access issues
  • Initiatives pertaining to limitations on reporting of information obtained from public records (including but not limited to PI Licensing issues)
  • Legislation pertaining to the reporting of Beneficial Ownership information in conjunction with forming and maintaining corporate entities
  • Trends and actions of federal agencies pertaining to anti-terrorism, drug-trafficking and money laundering efforts and the impact of pertinent regulations on our industry
  • Disintermediation of our industry’s core servicesthrough technological advances available to records administrators
  • Initiatives that impact how and where public records are recorded, stored or accessed, including but not limited to implementation of lien registries on a national scale.


The NPRRA Government Affairs committee is run strictly by association volunteers.   We rely on members and outside sources to help increase awareness of issues.  If you are aware of an issue of interest that you do not see posted here, please feel free to send us an email at gac@nprra.org .
If you provide any of the services listed above or are vendor to such companies, please consider joining NPRRA!   Visit us at WWW.NPRRA.ORG for more information. 


No posts or commentary provided in this blog may in any way be construed or relied upon as legal advice. NPRRA does not provide legal advice. Any views or opinions expressed within the articles and comments posted here are solely the views and opinions of the specific authors and not necessarily the views and opinions of NPRRA.